»The excess liquidity in the Middle East has brought to the GCC investors’ doorstep some of the best top quartile funds worldwide to choose from.«



Comprehensive due diligence and advisory services.

Through our well-established network of limited partners, family offices and private equity houses in the GCC, Boston BioCapital provides our U.S. and European clients with services that:

  • facilitate access to capital
  • build long-lasting relationships with investors in the region

Boston BioCapital advises our GCC partners (government institutions, private institutional investors, and high net-worth individuals) on:

  • deal flow
  • investment opportunities in the U.S. and Europe

Boston BioCapital also works on projects that involve bringing biotechnology and life science companies to the Region that have a relevance to the Middle East as part of deal sourcing for institutional investors and government initiatives.

In other words, Boston BioCapital provides creative ideas and solutions that add value to the process of making the right decisions in a complex environment.

Boston BioCapital strives to add value and makes the difference. Boston BioCapital achieves sustained success for our clients and partners. Boston BioCapital is dedicated and committed to build long-lasting strategic partnerships in close and confiding cooperation with all relevant stakeholders.

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