»A strategic partnership needs a solid basis. With these clients Boston BioCapital achieved strategic fit, monetary success across our core industries and geographical outreach.«



Our clients include some of the top funds in the U.S. and Europe:

  • Apax Partners France – www.apax.com
    Boston BioCapital provided strategic advice and successfully assisted in fundraising from Gulf investors for Apax France’s Fund, Apax France VII.
  • Burrill & Company – www.burrillandco.com
    Boston BioCapital built strategic partnerships for fundraising in the Gulf region. As a result, Boston BioCapital paved the way for a partnership with a major regional investor for long-term cooperation and co-investment opportunity.
  • CAM Private Equity Consulting & Verwaltungs-GmbH www.cam-pe.com
    Boston BioCapital introduced CAM to MENA investors for the CAM Life Science Fund of Fund.
  • MPM Capital – www.mpmcapital.com
    Boston BioCapital was involved with fundraising for MPM’s Bioventure IV Fund from European investor.
  • NTEC – National Technology Enterprises Company – www.ntec.com.kw
    Boston BioCapital provided advisory services helping forge partnerships with U.S. and European private equity funds and sourcing deal flow.
  • Skandia Life Insurance Company – www.skandia.com
    Boston BioCapital identified healthcare funds open for investment in the U.S. and provided due diligence assistance for funds under consideration.
  • TVM Capital – www.tvm-capital.com
    Boston BioCapital acts as long-term MENA advisor, providing business development, marketing, and fundraising services, as well as the building of key strategic partnerships, specifically in the GCC region.
  • TVM Capital MENA- www.tvm-capital.ae
    Working on a joint venture with TVM Capital to start TVM Capital MENA operation in Dubai, raise the fund and build a team and deal flow in the region.

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