»Understanding local particularities and strategic relation building is key for long-term success.«

»Understanding local particularities and strategic relation building is key for long-term success.«


Dr. Helmut M. Schühsler

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CEO, TVM Capital Healthcare Partners

“As an investor we are deeply rooted in healthcare and life sciences. We have built very substantial relationships with people in the healthcare industry over more than 20 years. I am personally proud of the strong reception we get when we talk to entrepreneurs, families and large corporations about possible cooperations and deals.”

Dr. Schuehsler has dedicated his career to exploring new horizons as an investor, pursuing innovation and building teams and businesses, sometimes from scratch, sometimes in new regions, and always in healthcare and with an eye on products or services that address unmet medical needs and promote societal progress. In the process he has gained extensive operating and investment experience in numerous geographies, such as Germany, the UK, France and several other European countries, the United States, the UAE and India.

He started his investment management career at Horizonte Venture Management in Vienna, Austria, and joined TVM Capital in Munich in 1990. During his tenure with TVM Capital, Dr. Schuehsler has raised more than $1 billion in committed capital for life science and healthcare investments from global investors. Over the years, the firm expanded from Germany to a pan-European footprint, on to the United States, the Middle East, India, and Canada and most recently Singapore.

On the investment side, his investment track record includes close to 30 direct investments, as well as positions as chairman, vice chairman or director at around 30 innovative life science and healthcare companies. As a managing partner and/or CEO, he has overseen investments in more than 100 healthcare and life science companies, with 50 going public in the United States and Europe.

His current board positions include on the life science side, Biovertis AG (Vienna, AUT and Munich, GER)  and f-Star GmbH (Vienna, AUT and Cambridge, UK). In the Middle East, he currently serves as chairman of Manzil Health Care Services and Bourn Hall International, he is a board member at Cambridge Medical & Rehabilitation Center and Egyptian medical device manufacturer Ameco Medical Industries. Previously he held the positions of interim CEO and chairman at ProVita International Medical Center, which saw a hugely successful exit to NMC Health plc in mid-2015.

As a long-time director of Max Planck Innovation, he contributed to the translation of leading German science into commercial projects.

For several years between 2003 and 2009, he represented the European private equity and venture capital industry at the European government level in Brussels in various roles such as chairman of the Professional Standards Committee and finally in 2007/08 as chairman of the European Private Equity and Venture Capital Association (EVCA, now called “Invest Europe”).

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