»Strategic and multi-polar thinking is what characterizes advisory services by Boston BioCapital.«



Boston BioCapital’s approach of matching strategic interests and geographical interconnections is based on a solid due diligence of our clients’ objectives.

After the short program – where most advisory services stop –Boston BioCapital begins its unique approach. It is our dedicated objective to create relationship-driven, long-lasting bonds between potential investors, funds, and companies that Boston BioCapital thinks deserve special attention.

Utilizing our network of high-impact contacts built patiently over the last 15 years, Boston BioCapital can guarantee that all important trends and participants in the alternative investments arena are monitored closely in order to seamlessly realign changes of strategies and interests with the defined objectives of our clients.

This is a long-term process, based on mutual trust and success. Boston BioCapital is looking to build strategic partnerships that go far beyond monetary expectations.

Although “return on investment” (ROI) is a key factor for fund selection, other local economic and cultural pre-conditions are equally important when conducting business in the MENA region, which Boston BioCapital calls the human factor and cultural fit. Our approach of utilizing the human factor has contributed greatly to our clients’ success, where relationships between the respective business players have been built on shared visions and mutual trust.

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